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Using the latest technologies we are able to plug into your vehicle's ECU (Engine Control Unit) and take a reading of the data stored there. With this information in hand we are able to diagnose a multitude of issues that may be affecting your vehicle as well as conduct thorough fault finding and analysis.

The Engine Control Unit is an onboard computer that is continually being fed data from a number of sensors located at numerous points around your vehicle. When an error or anomaly is detected it will often show as a warning light on your dashboard.

Your ECU is responsible for monitoring a number of systems including:

  • Fuel Injection Systems
  • Stability Control
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Engine Management System
  • Airbag Systems
  • Vehicle Emission System
  • Power-Train Control Module
  • Transmission
  • Air Control Valves

You may also experience some of the symptoms of a fault ECU itself, this can include things like: the engine check light coming on, engine stalling or misfiring, engine performance issues or you car might fail to start.

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